Want to study in the US? What you should look for with SAT Tutoring in London

International study is more popular than ever nowadays, and with more students from the United Kingdom looking to study in the US, the demand for SAT tutors is rising.

SAT Tutoring in London

Unlike other universities around the world, top universities in the US require more than a set of grades to gain acceptance. Students have to sit an entrance exam known as the SAT. While this may seem simple enough, many potential applicants struggle with understanding the format of the exam, making studying for the exam more difficult. Online videos and blogs are rarely enough to gain full insight into these exams and so many students give up on their dream university overseas, before it has even begun.

SAT tutoring

Across the UK, there are many options available for SAT tutors. If you are located in London, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed at the number of options you have. All of them boast high test results in minimal time, so what do you need to look for?

Good reviews

Luckily, a search for SAT tutoring in London can be started with a simple look online. Look for tutors that have genuinely good reviews from their students and their students’ parents.

Although this may seem obvious, it can be easy to jump at the first person you find in your area, without checking their reviews. Are they polite? Are they a good tutor? These are all things you should search for in the reviews. At A-List Education, all of our tutors have received top reviews from students and their parents.

Are they qualified?

Once again, this seems so obvious that it is often overlooked. When looking for  SAT tutoring in London, there are some practical areas alongside qualifications to also consider.

Have they studied in the US and more importantly, have they ever completed the SAT examination and passed it? It would be unwise to invest all of your time and energy into a tutor that has never undertaken the test that they are preparing you for. You wouldn’t accept driving lessons from someone who has never passed their driving test. All of the tutors at A-List Education have studied at top universities in the US and have excelled on their SAT exams.


Though touched on briefly before, communication between a tutor and student is important. After your initial meeting with them, do you feel they listen to you? Does it seem plausible that you will be able to approach them with any of the concerns that you will undoubtedly have at some point? If not, this is not the tutor for you.

Our tutors offer online and over the phone catch-ups between visits and will respond promptly to your emails. Also, they are able to suggest areas you need to improve in, building up your confidence as you learn. Contact us for more information about our SAT tutors today.

Want to study in the US? What you should look for with SAT Tutoring in London
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