Worried about your last practice SAT score? How A-List Education can improve your mark

Undertaking any examination is nerve-racking. Even if you have revised the subject until you feel you are an expert, entering the exam room can fill even the most confident students with doubt.

SAT Tutoring in London

Many universities advise taking practice exams as a good way to measure your progress. But this only works when you are familiar with the exam’s format. Practicing sample questions rather than working through a test could lead to students struggling when faced with an official exam.

When it comes to the SAT test, many students trip up due to an unfamiliar format and time constraints and the end result is a low score. At A-List Education, we offer SAT tutoring in London to help students achieve the highest score that they can on an SAT test.

How are A-List Education different from other tutors?

Our SAT tutoring in London provides students with more than a simple tutoring service, we provide a unique approach to help all of our students improve their scores.

Customised plans

After meeting with our students, we devise a customised plan to help them improve their SAT score. These personalised plans are focused and targeted, to make the most of the time students invest in preparation.

Expert team

At A- List Education, our SAT tutoring team in London is comprised of an exceptional set of tutors. All of our tutors have undertaken the SAT test to gain entrance to the top universities in the US, so they are familiar with the format and are able to break it down for every student.

Practice tests and materials

Our team of tutors have created SAT preparation materials based on detailed analysis and breakdown of the SAT test, combined with rigorous training on how best to prepare students. These materials are easy for our students to follow and their tutors will be on call and online for any questions they may have.

We also offer past papers for students to look through and study. Once again, our tutors are always happy to answer any questions students may have about these papers.

When our students are ready, they are free to take our online SAT practice test. This can be proctored or not (depending on the student’s preference) and it will be marked by their tutor.


The most dreaded part of any exam are the results.

As our students progress through their practice SAT tests, our tutors use advanced technology to keep track of their progress and to suggest areas that may require improvement.

Our unique approach has had proven results; our students improve their SAT scores by an average of 5 points, with our top percentile of students improving by 7 points.

A-List Education has been assisting international students to get into US universities since 2012 and our team are committed to helping students from all backgrounds reach their full academic potential.

Worried about your last practice SAT score? How A-List Education can improve your mark
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