SAT tutoring tips: Worried about procrastination? Here’s how to beat it

Success on the SAT requires hard work. Ambitious students must adhere to a personalized preparation schedule and learning plan. At A-List Education, we are all too aware of how daunting students find sitting the SAT. There is the tremendous pressure of obtaining high test scores and the new content and test style to learn and master. As if this was not enough, students often have to contend with a tendency to procrastinate.


Procrastination is an age-old problem that many students struggle with. There are many reasons for this. SAT students, in particular, may find course material so new that they are wary of approaching it. Others may not know where to begin in their preparations, which prevents them from getting started and putting things off until it is too late. Most often at the heart of the problem, is the lack of confidence and fear of failure. SAT Tutoring in London, through A-List Education, targets these areas faced by students preparing for the SAT. 

The pitfalls of procrastination

The main danger behind procrastination for students is its adverse effect on their academic performance. By losing precious time, students risk meeting deadlines and risk not achieving their goals. This may raise their tension and anxiety levels. Their self-esteem may fall, which jeopardises their future plans.

How to prepare for procrastination

If lack of time management, uneven study skills, a distracting social life or overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress are the causes of avoiding SAT preparations, then dedicated SAT Tutoring in London is the best way forward. A reputable test preparation service employs tutors who have personal experience in sitting for the SAT. Having navigated the SAT path successfully, our tutors are familiar with the life of a student, what it requires, and know how to overcome common exam challenges.

If a student knows that he or she is prone to delaying the inevitable (especially if this involves studying), then they can take steps to prevent this. After our many years of providing SAT Tutoring in London, here are top strategies from our tutors for students who procrastinate:

  • Set smaller deadlines

No one really likes deadlines but they do prove useful. Breaking up course material into study tasks and setting deadlines to master each section (instead of the entire course content) helps keep students on track. These can be daily, weekly and monthly deadlines. It is important to spend a bit of time on this step in order to do it properly. A tutor is best placed to determine reasonable timeframes.

  • Make use of a social circle to keep you accountable

Share study deadlines with a social circle. Students who have the support and encouragement of family and friends are less likely to procrastinate.

  • Make SAT test preparation a daily habit

The only way to build a habit is to do it every day. A daily SAT study routine lowers the inclination to procrastinate. In addition to this, the more a student practices, the more he or she is able to handle related anxieties and remain motivated.

Need help fighting procrastination? Enroll in one of our SAT preparation courses today. Contact us at A-List Education.

SAT tutoring tips: Worried about procrastination? Here’s how to beat it
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