The University of California system is famous around the globe. International students are drawn to the excellent academics and the idea of spending four years in California. This system of nine universities includes UCLA and UC Berkeley. The system receives over 200,000 applicants every year and is considered highly selective. Also, the UC system has its own application. Also, it has one deadline: November 30th.


At A-List, we know how popular the UC system. We have compiled our best tips for completing the UC application successfully.


1.      Rather than a personal statement and supplemental essays for each school, the UC application has “Insight Questions.” Students must complete 4 out of 8 questions. Each question has a 350-word limit. Students can often use their Common App personal statement to answer at least 2 of the questions. Also, we do recommend students complete question 6 about an academic interest.


2.      The UC application has more opportunities for students to share their extracurricular activities and awards. The UC app allows for 20 entries. Please prepare a document in advance with the dates for each award and/or activity.


3.      The UC application does not require teacher recommendations! Recommendations may be requested later by specific schools within the system.


4.      The UC application does require that students select a major. To make sure this choice aligns with your transcripts and essays, please do review it with an advisor. Also, keep in mind that this is not a fixed decision. You can change this major when you enroll.


5.      Though the application does allow you to apply to all 9 schools within the system, you should still pay close attention to the differences between the schools. Choose carefully. Also, please be mindful of individual university questions. For example, you need to carefully rank individual schools within UC San Diego for your application.


6.      Like the Common App, the UC application can be technologically glitchy. Please do submit your application a few days before the November 30th deadline.


If you are working on your UC applications and would like additional support, please feel free to reach out to the advising team!



UC Applications: Tips and Deadlines
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