SAT Test Centres in the UK

Locate a SAT test centre close to you

The SAT, a widely recognised entrance exam, plays a crucial role in US college and university admissions. This test (now in a digital format) is known for its multiple-choice format, and is meticulously crafted and administered by the College Board.

Explore the map below and easily find the SAT test centre closest to you in the UK. Don't forget to stay updated by regularly checking the College Board website for the latest information.

Does the location of my SAT test matter?

The location of your SAT centre doesn't affect the evaluation of your score, but it may matter in terms of your comfort and convenience.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to take the test:

Comfort and Familiarity

  • Familiar environment: Taking the SAT at a location you're familiar with, such as your own school or a nearby test centre, can ease test day nerves. Familiarity with the environment can make you feel more comfortable and potentially improve your performance.
  • Test centre conditions: Different test centres may have varying conditions — such as seating, lighting, and noise levels — that can affect your test-taking experience. If possible, choose a location known for a conducive testing environment.

Travel and Logistics

  • Travel distance: Consider the distance you'll need to travel on the morning of the test. A closer location can mean less travel stress and a lower chance of being late.
  • Accommodation: If you're travelling far, you might need to arrange accommodation. Staying overnight near the test centre can ensure you're rested and arrive on time, but it also adds an extra layer of planning and expense.

Test centre capacity

  • Popular test centres can fill up quickly, especially during peak testing seasons. Register early to secure a spot at your preferred location.
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Guiding Your Journey from Start to Finish

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