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Houda Barroug
Houda graduated from Brown University with a double major in International Relations and East Asian Studies- with honors. She will be starting her second MA, in International Affairs, in September at the University of Geneva. She has a keen interest in a variety of subjects and has always enjoyed teaching, in her time teaching, she has worked with over 900 families on their children’s college applications and entrance examinations (including but not limited to, the SAT, GRE, and IB.) Her students come from Morocco, Canada, the US, Switzerland, South Korea, and the UK. She feels comfortable working online and in person and has learned to personalize her approach according to her students’ needs. Some of her students increased their grades from 1250 to 1556 within 2 months and got admitted to their schools of choice. In her free time, she enjoys swimming (former competitive swimmer,) boxing, writing, handball, and genuinely loves teaching!

Houda's subject specialties

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Bocconi
  • GCSE (History)
  • GCSE (Geography)
  • A-Level (History)
  • AP (World History)
  • AP (French)
  • IB (Standard French)
  • IB (Higher level French)
  • College Essays
  • Academic Coaching and Mentoring

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