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Lori W AL
Director Tutor
Lori Wormald
For over a decade Lori has been working with students to help them achieve their best scores possible in both the ACT and the SAT. She builds strong relationships with students and helps them to reach their potential by feeling confident and fully understanding the idiosyncrasies and content of the US college entrance exams.

Lori works closely with students and their parents to set reachable goals and work toward those. Communications – both during and post lessons – help students understand what’s working and what needs attention. Working in both the US high school curriculum and the UK GCSE and secondary school curriculum is particularly helpful, as Lori can identify differences in exam content, presentation, and personality – successfully helping students to adjust accordingly.

Lori also works with students in GCSE, iGCSE and A level maths and all levels of the US high school maths curriculum.

Lori started her career as a mathematics teacher in the US and then moved into the IT industry which gave her the opportunity to work throughout Europe.

Lori graduated with both a degree in mathematics (with distinction) and a degree in Education from the University of Minnesota

Lori's subject specialties

  • SAT
  • GCSE (Maths)
  • A-Levels (Maths)
  • AP (Calculus)
  • IB (Math Studies)
  • IB (Standard Maths)
  • IB (Higher level Maths)
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