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Rebecca Comella
Rebecca is a highly experienced tutor with over a decade of working with students of all ages in academic subjects and test preparation. Her work has taken her all around the world—from the U.S. to the Middle East to even Antarctica!—and now to A-List Education.

She received her Bachelor’s degrees in History and Arabic Studies from Williams College, where she created an independent study on Children in Conflict in the Middle East. Most recently, Rebecca graduated from King’s College London with an MSc with Distinction in War & Psychiatry. Her dissertation was a qualitative research project on the educational experiences of refugee children in the United States. She firmly believes that every child deserves an education, no matter their circumstance.

Rebecca wants her students to gain a love of learning that will stay with them throughout school and beyond. This means creating positive sessions that focus on building confidence as well as skills and knowledge. She prides herself on making learning fun and interesting, and will often bring up fun facts related to whatever topic is being discussed!

Additionally, Rebecca has helped hundreds of students and their families navigate the U.S. university application process, from school selection to essay crafting and scholarship applications. As a first-generation university student herself, Rebecca knows how intimidating the process can be, and is here for her students and their families as they prepare for this next exciting chapter of their lives. She has worked extensively with students applying to Ivy League schools, University of California schools, and liberal arts institutions, and her students have been granted millions of dollars in grants and scholarships.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys trying pastries and breads from every bakery in London, teaching herself how to sew, and giving it her all at karaoke.

Rebecca's subject specialties

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • GED
  • COOP
  • HSPT
  • GCSE (English Literature)
  • GCSE (English Language)
  • GCSE (Maths)
  • GCSE (History)
  • GCSE (Geography)
  • GCSE (Spanish)
  • A-Level (English Literature)
  • A-Level (English Language)
  • A-Level (Maths)
  • A-Level (History)
  • A-Level (Spanish)
  • AP (English Literature)
  • AP (English Language)
  • AP (Economics)
  • AP (Statistics)
  • AP (Psychology)
  • AP (Spanish)
  • AP (USH)
  • AP (World)
  • AP (Euro)
  • IB (Math Studies)
  • IB (Math SL)
  • IB (Math HL)
  • IB (English HL)
  • IB (Philosophy SL)
  • IB (Spanish HL)
  • IB (French SL)
  • Evolutionary Bio
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Writing Skills
  • College Essays
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  • SAT & ACT courses
  • Test specific tuition
  • US university advising
  • Application guidance
  • Common Application
  • Early vs. Regular strategy
  • Course & Extracurriculars
  • Summer Programs
  • College Essays
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Bespoke campus tours
  • Targeted tuition
  • Academic mentoring
  • School partnerships


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