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Rhianna Shaw
As one of A-List UK’s earliest hires, Rhianna has almost a decade of tutoring experience with us. She first began tutoring GCSE Maths aged 16, having already achieved A*s in Maths and Further Maths A-Levels. She then went on to graduate with honours in Literary Arts from Brown University and not long after joined the A-List family. In 2016 she launched her own tutoring agency offering the full gambit of British curricula but has continued to work extensively with A List, teaching both one-on-one lessons and school courses at many institutions, such as Latymer Upper, Westminster, Rugby, Harrow, St Mary’s Ascot, Putney High and Wellington College.

Having been through the English independent school system as a student at Bedales School, Rhianna has first-hand experience of the US admissions process as an international student and balancing SAT/ACT preparation alongside A Levels. She has two specialities: Mathematics, which she teaches up to university level; and writing, to which she brings her experience as a novelist, assisting with everything from A Level essays and EEs to dissertations and university papers. She is also a university advisor, and for the past several years has worked with students on their college applications.

Rhianna is English born and bred, but with a very international outlook on life. She was lucky enough to spend much of her childhood abroad and this was reflected in her decision to study abroad in the States, with a semester abroad abroad in Sydney. At Brown, she led a pirate a-capella group and was a keen (field) hockey and tennis player, all of which she still continues to this day. She loves dogs, travelling, puzzles, reading and writing, and is currently working on three different novels, as well as painting and, of course, her biggest love of all, skiing.

Rhianna's subject specialties

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • AP (Calculus)
  • AP (English Language)
  • AP (English Literature)
  • GCSE (English Language)
  • GCSE (English Literature)
  • GCSE (Combined Science)
  • GCSE (English Literature)
  • GCSE (Combined Science)
  • GCSE (Chemistry)
  • GCSE (Physics)
  • GCSE (Maths)
  • GCSE (Biology)
  • GCSE (Statistics)
  • A-Level (English Language)
  • A-Level (English Literature)
  • A-Level (Maths)
  • A-Level (Further Maths)
  • IB (Math Studies)
  • IB (Standard Maths)
  • IB (Higher Level Maths)
  • IB (Standard English)
  • IB (Higher Level English)
  • IB (Theory of Knowledge)
  • IB (Extended Essay)
  • Writing & Study Skills
  • University Essays
  • UCAS assistance
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Our services to help you succeed

  • SAT & ACT diagnostics
  • SAT & ACT preparation
  • SAT & ACT courses
  • Test specific tuition
  • US university advising
  • Application guidance
  • Common Application
  • Early vs. Regular strategy
  • Course & Extracurriculars
  • Summer Programs
  • College Essays
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Bespoke campus tours
  • Targeted tuition
  • Academic mentoring
  • School partnerships

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