SAT & ACT Bootcamp Courses

Intensive SAT and ACT Bootcamp Preparation Courses

Our SAT and ACT Bootcamps are designed for international students preparing for the SAT or ACT. Pupils love these highly interactive and challenging classes. Students from all over the UK (and often further afield) come together to learn key content as well as learning A-List’s strategies to master the test. These small classes, in which every student receives individual attention, are taught by out most experienced ACT and SAT tutors. We recommend the Bootcamps for any students looking to kick-start their preparation in a fun and dynamic environment.

Trying to decide between the SAT and the ACT? Use our “Guide to Decide” to help you understand the core differences and received custom feedback as to which exam you are better suited for. You can access our A-List ACT/SAT selector tool here.

If you are interested SAT/ACT Bootcamps, please contact our Client Services Team. 
Telephone +44 20 3893 3553, email, or click the “enquire here” button to request further information tailored to your needs.

Dynamic Online SAT and ACT Bootcamp Preparation Courses for 2021:

SAT/ACT Preparation Module

  • Targeted SAT or ACT tutoring and classroom instruction
  • Taught by our expert and engaging instructors
  • Covers key test content and A-List test strategies
  • Small class sizes and personalised attention
  • Access to real past papers to target opportunities for growth and track progress
  • A-List proprietary learning materials
  • Online bootcamp courses are hosted on our engaging virtual learning platform

A-List UK online Bootcamps are designed to optimise student engagement utilising best practices for virtual learning. We cover all of the key content areas and strategies to master the SAT or ACT on our interactive online platform.

Summer 2021 dates

July 22 – 27

August 19 – 24

  • ‘Early Bird’ Price: £950 inc. VAT (deposit required one month prior to start date for online bootcamps)
  • Regular Price: £1050 inc. VAT
“I found myself in a phenomenally constructive environment and extremely motivated to master the techniques, improving my score notably within the first three days.” —Kurt.
“The bootcamp experience was undoubtedly the most effective academic course I have ever been on. The team at A-List UK was first class and the confidence instilled in me by the tutor was incredible.” —Freddie.
“Not only did A-List allow me to greatly improve my scores, but it also gave me an opportunity to make new friends.” —Nikita.
“A-List was 100% what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques – they all work!” —Lorna.
“The physical theatre activities really helped to re-energise us between the long hours of work.” —Soso.
“Really useful and fun camp. My SAT score improved massively.” —Alexander
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