SAT / ACT / PSAT Tutoring

A-List offers expert customised SAT, ACT and PSAT tutoring in London, the UK, and across Europe.

Since 2005, A-List has been helping students maximise their scoring potential on these exams, which play a crucial role in US university admissions. We conscientiously revise our proprietary textbooks and materials to reflect changes on the test and to highlight innovations in testing strategy. Our tutors are graduates of top US universities, undergo a rigorous SAT/ACT training programme, attend ongoing professional development seminars, and are engaging educators. In addition to offering dynamic 1:1 tuition, we also offer SAT/ACT Bootcamps, allowing students to jumpstart their preparation in an energetic group format.

Trying to decide between the SAT and the ACT? Use our Guide to Decide to help you understand the core differences and received custom feedback as to which exam you are better suited for. You can access our A-List ACT/SAT selector tool here.

Interested in our SAT/ACT Bootcamps? Find out more here.

If you are interested in SAT, ACT or PSAT exam tutoring, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 (0)20 3004 8101 or click the button to request more information.

Why Choose A-List?

Customised Tutoring Plan

  • A-List has a versatile playbook, allowing instructors to adapt to any student and learning style
  • We offer customised timelines so that instructors can accommodate your busy schedule
  • Our extensive team includes expert subject tutors for additional support as needed

Expert Instructors

  • A-List receives about 100 applications for each tutor we accept
  • All of our instructors are college graduates from top US universities
  • Our instructors complete over 100 hours of training before they begin tutoring
  • A-List students achieve some of the highest score improvements in the industry

Flexible Scheduling

  • Tutors are available weekday afternoons and evenings, and all day on weekends
  • Clients have the ability to reschedule or add sessions depending on tutor availability and can even substitute or add sessions online at practically any time
  • Self-proctored practice tests can be sent to your home

Highest Score Improvements

  • Score improvements are measured for students spending 10+ hours of preparation
  • We track our data by class year, by region, and also by school
  • Student score reports also track historical data graphically
  • Our SAT & ACT students typically improve by over three times the national average

Strategy & Content Focus

  • Our regular practice tests help tutors hone in on areas of strength and weakness
  • A-List has a flexible curriculum that tutors can modify to meet the needs of any student
  • All of our materials are designed to cultivate mastery of content

Extensively-Researched Materials

  • The SAT/ACT Book of Knowledge is updated to reflect the latest testing changes
  • Our drills and exercises contain hundreds of practice problems with detailed explanations
  • A-List vocabulary flashcards help students learn essential vocabulary

Online Tutoring Available

  • Tutors use leading edge technology to ensure that online sessions are engaging and dynamic; allowing for shared screens, note taking and the recording of sessions for use afterwards 
  • Online sessions can also be scheduled to supplement in-person sessions to maximise potential
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