SAT Subject Tests

A-List offers customised expert tutoring for the SAT Subject Tests

A-List’s experienced tutors are able to offer support for students planning to take SAT Subject Tests, regardless of the exam they would like to prepare for. Our educators use A-List proprietary materials, techniques and drills to ensure students perform at their best. We also ensure that students have access to real practice papers to gauge their progress and readiness.

UPDATE: Because the College Board announced that they are no longer offering SAT subject tests after June, please reach out to an A-List Advisor to determine if you should still take this exam.  

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About the SAT Subject Tests

A-List offers expert customised tutoring for the SAT Subject Tests. Subject Tests, often called SAT IIs, measure knowledge and skills in particular subject areas. There are 20 subject tests to choose from, ranging from Physics to English Literature to Spanish 

Why do I need to take the Subject Tests?

Many colleges use the Subject Tests for admission and to advise students about course selection. These tests give you, and colleges, a very reliable measure of how prepared you are for college-level work in particular subjects.

Used in combination with the other components of the US application, they provide insight into your academic achievement.

Choosing which Subject Tests to take.

A-List recommends that students align their A-level or IB subjects to the SAT Subject Tests. This strategy works well if you are taking maths, sciences, or languages. However, if your focus is on subjects like Geography, Sociology, Psychology etc. please consult with an A-List advisor on Subject Test selection.

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