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Tobi Ajayi
Tobi first began tutoring in the field of Visual Arts, serving as leader of the Learning Enrichment in the Arts Program (LEAP) at Princeton, where she held visual arts workshops with youth in Trenton, NJ. In planning and executing these workshops, Tobi aimed to empower Trenton’s youth by crafting a curriculum that serves as a creative refuge. At A-List, Tobi specialises in SAT and ACT preparation with additional interests in portfolio advice and essay writing skills.

Outside of tutoring, Tobi is pursuing a Masters in History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art. In addition to being an art historian, she is an artist and has been practising printmaking for the past 5 years. In 2022, Tobi graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a certificate in Visual Arts.

Throughout her time at Princeton, with her independent research and her role as a teaching assistant to the theatre department, she has worked ceaselessly to uplift the voices of Black women in scholarship and the field of art more broadly. In the summer of 2021, she executed a printmaking and writing project in which she invited five Black women into conversations about their spatial existence, collecting their narratives through 6 editioned print catalogues. In 2021, Tobi also co-curated a digital exhibition titled Straight Lick, a celebration of her Black arts community that was found in the pandemic. In her final year, she wrote an award-winning thesis in which she crafted an original Black Feminist Architectural Theory by analyzing the work of Black female visual artists. She also curated and staged her own exhibition titled “a trace of multitudes,” which was a presentation of her printmaking works in her final years.

Tobi hopes to keep working with students to find their most authentic creative and academic expressions, making prints, writing art theory, and curating shows.

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