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A-List UK has created a webinar library featuring our recorded virtual events covering a range of topics.

Past events include:

  • Navigating Uncertainty – US University Applications during COVID-19
  • US University Professor Panel – US University Learning in the Age of COVID-19
  • Common Application Workshop
  • Understanding the SAT/ACT
  • Personal Statement Workshop
  • Developing your CV
  • Creating a compelling US Statement
  • And many more!


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A-List UK is pleased to share complimentary and free guidance on the US university education system and application process.

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“I found myself in a phenomenally constructive environment and extremely motivated to master the techniques, improving my score notably within the first three days.” —Kurt.
“The bootcamp experience was undoubtedly the most effective academic course I have ever been on. The team at A-List UK was first class and the confidence instilled in me by the tutor was incredible.” —Freddie.
“Not only did A-List allow me to greatly improve my scores, but it also gave me an opportunity to make new friends.” —Nikita.
“A-List was 100% what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques – they all work!” —Lorna.
“The physical theatre activities really helped to re-energise us between the long hours of work.” —Soso.
“Really useful and fun camp. My SAT score improved massively.” —Alexander

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