Why A-List UK?

The A-List Difference 

 A-List Education UK delivers expert tutoring and professional US admissions advising and global higher education strategies. We offer guidance on all aspects of the exam preparation and application process to our students, ranging from SAT or ACT support to selecting best fit American universities. A-List UK also provides bespoke in-school SAT/ACT courses and US university guidance at many leading UK schools. Our aim is to achieve outstanding results for our clients while using the admissions process to support a student’s personal growth.  
A-List Education puts itself at the pinnacle of education delivery not only through hiring tutors who achieved top SAT and ACT scores and attended the best US universities but also by employing a full-time Academic Team comprised of highly experienced professional educators who develop, supervise, and support our tutor cohort.
Our Academic Team develops and runs our advanced and comprehensive A-List Continued Professional Development programme as well as meeting fortnightly with every tutor to ensure our students are continually supported at a world-class level.
A-List's Continued Professional Development programme consists of seminars and workshops that go beyond pure content since our tutors are already experts in their academic fields. Instead, we want our tutors to become the most capable, insightful, and empathetic communicators they can be.
Recent seminar topics have included the following:

How Our Language Shapes Our Students’ Learning, Empowering Strategic Mindset and Managing Anxiety, Active Listening, led by our specialist Montessori teacher

Recent seminar topics have included the following:

Online Best Practice, Understanding and Preventing Plateaus, Advanced Maths and Uses in Standardised Testing; and extended workshops on supporting students with ADHD and Dyslexia led by our guest educational psychologist.

Our Academic Team also offers free academic consultations on diagnostic score reports for new or prospective clients and is always happy to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress with their tutor.
Exceptional SAT & ACT Tutors
Our SAT and ACT tutors have years of experience working with students to help them reach their full potential. All A-List tutors are graduates of top US universities and go through extensive training.
Tailored Bespoke Approach
A-List's approach is data driven. We've created proprietary SAT and ACT test prep materials based on research and years of standardised test preparation experience. Practice tests are scored using our internal system, producing detailed progress reports that help tutors give targeted feedback.
Outstanding Testing Results
A-List tutors get results. On the ACT, student scores improved by 5 points on average. Students in the top 25% percent improved their scores by 8 points. On the SAT, student scores improved 166 points on average. Students in the top 25% improved their scores 293 points.
Expert US University Advising and Admissions Plans
A-List offers expert US university advising. The SAT and ACT are only one part of the process. Our admissions advisors help students create a competitive application list and strategy, complete the common application, and draft and perfect the application essays.

Tutoring & Bootcamps

Advising & Application Support

Proprietary Materials & Technology Support

“I found myself in a phenomenally constructive environment and extremely motivated to master the techniques, improving my score notably within the first three days.” —Kurt.
“The bootcamp experience was undoubtedly the most effective academic course I have ever been on. The team at A-List UK was first class and the confidence instilled in me by the tutor was incredible.” —Freddie.
“Not only did A-List allow me to greatly improve my scores, but it also gave me an opportunity to make new friends.” —Nikita.
“A-List was 100% what I was looking for in SAT preparation. The strategies and techniques – they all work!” —Lorna.
“The physical theatre activities really helped to re-energise us between the long hours of work.” —Soso.
“Really useful and fun camp. My SAT score improved massively.” —Alexander

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