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Brown joins Yale, Dartmouth and MIT to reinstate SAT/ACT testing requirement

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In a significant shift in admissions policies, Brown University has announced that starting with the 2024/2025 admissions cycle, SAT or ACT scores will once again be compulsory for all applicants. This change aligns Brown with other elite institutions such as Dartmouth, Georgetown, GeorgiaTech, MIT, and Yale, which have also revised their stance on the “Test-Optional” policy initiated during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike Yale, Brown is going to be strict about only accepting SAT or ACT scores, rather than also allowing applicants to submit their IB or AP scores.

Brown University’s Provost has said of the announcement, “Our analysis made clear that SAT and ACT scores are among the key indicators that help predict a student’s ability to succeed and thrive in Brown’s demanding academic environment”. Recent studies from both Harvard and Dartmouth concur with the strong correlation between SAT/ACT score performance and college academic performance.

Brown ranks consistently as one of the most popular Ivy League universities, largely due to the extensive academic flexibility the university offers students through its Open Curriculum.

It is the only Ivy, and one of the only US universities, to eschew any required courses for students outside of their major. 

Strong SAT or ACT scores for Brown admission continue to sit around 1550+ (out of 1600) SAT and 34+ (out of 36) ACT. Achieving such scores requires precision, mastery of grammar rules, mathematical aptitude, and advanced reading capabilities.


Navigating standardised testing

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Mark your calendar for the upcoming test dates:

  • SAT on 4th May, 1st June, and 24th August
  • ACT on 12-13th April, 7-8th June, and 12-13th July 

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