Veronika Lipkova
Veronika Lipkova
Advanced Tutor

Subject Specialties: ACT, SAT, AP (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), GCSE (Combined Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

Veronika has been a tutor with A-List for over 5 years, but her interest in teaching dates back to her high school in Wales, the UWC of the Atlantic, where she was a swimming and first aid instructor for local elementary schools. This influenced her to become a peer tutor at Princeton University, where she completed a Magna Cum Laude degree in Biology.  Whilst at Princeton, Veronika also had the opportunity to do internships in South Africa, during which she worked as a Winter School organizer and tutor for Ikamva Youth in Cape Town. She has been able to perfect her teaching skills thanks to A-List and she now specializes in SAT and SAT II sciences.

Her interest in public health then led her to London, where she earned an MSc from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, before completing an accelerated degree in medicine at Oxford University. When she’s not working in a busy hospital as a junior doctor, she likes to help students follow their dream path, one that often starts with a standardized test. Veronika has first-hand experience of how daunting these exams can be, and she also has hundreds of hours of experience understanding what makes these tests difficult for others. Being a tutor allows her to help talented young minds flourish while keeping her up to date on critical reading, mathematics and basic sciences. Veronika believes that teaching and being taught for so many years gives her a unique perspective, one that can be very useful in helping her understand the needs of her students as well as the issues they may be facing.

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