ACT tutoring in London to increase your score

In the UK, if you want to earn a place at a particular university, you generally go for an interview and, depending on how that interview goes, and your academic record to date, they make you an offer conditional on your final A-Level or IB results. Sometimes, a university will think you are such a good bet that they will make you an unconditional offer, meaning they will accept you regardless of your grades.

ACT Tutoring in London

In the US, it’s a different process. With more than 3 million students applying for places, an important factor in the application process is how you score on a standardised test. The ACT is one of the exams you can sit. Without a high score, you are less likely to be accepted to the top universities.

That’s why most applicants choose ACT tutoring in London. A-List Education UK is a leading tutoring company offering high quality tuition and intensive bootcamps.

A-List Education was set up in New York by a group of American graduates to help students through the SAT and ACT. We have become successful at getting students accepted into American universities of their choice and have expanded our company worldwide.

What’s the ACT comprised of?

If you want to get a strong score on the ACT, you’ll have to conquer four different sections. These are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science Reasoning.

There is also an additional section for Writing. You score between 1-36 points for each section and these scores are averaged to get your composite overall score.

The ACT does not just examine your knowledge, but also tests your ability to apply it in problem solving.

ACT tutoring in London with A-List Education matches you with the right personal tutor. We also run bootcamp intensive courses to hone your skills. The test takes place a few times a year, and it is worth taking at least a couple of times to give you a chance to increase your points. 75% of our students increase their point score by an average of 7 points.

ACT tutoring in London to increase your score
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