Taking the SAT in 2019? Get a head start on the competition with SAT tutoring in London

If your aim is to get a place at a top university in the US, you will need to get a strong score on the SAT or the ACT. American universities rely on these standardised tests to filter out applicants.

SAT Tutoring in London

The SAT is hard enough for American students, whose whole school life has been geared towards taking it. If you are a foreign student, then you will have to study for the SAT at the same time as you study for your A levels or International Baccalaureate

SAT subject tests

One way to reduce your work load is to take SAT subject tests that align with the subjects you are studying for your A levels or IB. There are 5 general areas that your subjects can fall into. They are:

  • English
  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Languages.

SAT Subject Tests take place numerous times a year, but not all the subjects are offered on each exam date. Take a look at A-List Education UK’s website to find out when they are being offered.

How A-List Education can help

A-List Education UK is a branch of A-List Education, which was started in New York more than a decade ago by a group of American university graduates. We offer tailored one-on-one SAT tutoring in London as well as 5 and 7 day bootcamp intensives via small groups.

Over the past decade or more, we have developed our own teaching materials, and these are available online. We believe in matching tutors to the learning style, personality and interests of their students. And if you find that our matches do not suit you, we will match you with another tutor.

Once you have the right tutor, we can tailor your SAT tutoring programme to suit you. You will receive weekly lessons, homework tailored to your needs, as well as practice exams. We recommend that you aim to sit the SAT 2-3 times. This is the best way to remove the pressure of sitting this exam.

Taking the SAT in 2019? Get a head start on the competition with SAT tutoring in London
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