The Benefits of Practice Tests; a Cornerstone of A-List Education’s SAT Success

Although the idea of taking a practice test often fills most students with dread, there are several benefits to this.

SAT Tutoring in London

At A-List Education we are aware of how difficult testing can be if you aren’t prepared for it. When you are looking to study in the US, the SAT test is not only a tough test to prepare for, but its format is very difficult to navigate for even the brightest international students.

Our SAT tutoring in London helps students from the UK and other countries not only understand the SAT format, but also gain the best results possible.

Why We Use Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect and our SAT tutoring in London aims to help students feel confident when they sit the SAT. One of the key ways we achieve this is to supply all our students with access to multiple practice tests.

At A-List Education, we offer many more services than simple teaching for revision purposes. Our SAT tutoring in London not only provides our students with tests and support, but also offers customised tutoring approaches, designed to harness each student’s strengths and improve on their less confident areas. This builds trust, confidence and ultimately leads to the highest test scores.

Identification of Strengths

We want to help students gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses before they are faced with their final SAT. The best way to achieve this is through regular testing.

This helps tutors identify areas where a student may be struggling and allows them to adapt their tutoring style accordingly.


For international students, one of the main difficulties with the SAT test is the formatting. As it is so different from any other examination they have taken, how can they pass it if they don?

Becoming familiar with the format is only one aspect of passing any test. Getting a feel for the wording style used is also beneficial, as it minimises time spent in the test trying to figure out what it is each question is asking of the student.

Reducing anxiety

Apprehensiveness around examinations is normal, however, it will undoubtedly be worsened if a student has never seen a practice paper before. Many universities and schools show example papers to their students before the test, so they can look through it and make sense of it in their own way. At A-List Education, we are equipped with modern, accurate versions of the SAT used in US universities and can send our students copies for them to look through in their own time.

To reduce their worries even further, we can offer guidance on understanding wording, phrasing and are also able to go through a practice paper with them, highlighting key points throughout. This technique has been beneficial at reducing our previous students worries about the SAT test and has boosted their overall confidence levels.

The Benefits of Practice Tests; a Cornerstone of A-List Education’s SAT Success
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