Common mistakes to avoid when seeking SAT Tutoring in London

There are three factors that can influence a student obtaining high test scores on the SAT. These include knowing and mastering in test content and having confidence and being proactive in practising for the test. But mastering course material is not all that is needed. In addition to all of the aforementioned, is learning to avoid common SAT preparation mistakes that many students make. How well students prepare could be the difference between success and failure in achieving target test scores. Not only will this alleviate test anxiety, but goes a long way to better performance on the SAT. Of course, SAT tutoring in London has plenty of benefits to the student and should not be ignored as part of a structured test preparation plan.

SAT Tutoring in London

Critical SAT test preparation mistakes to be aware of

In your preparations for the SAT, ensure that you avoid the following:

The first mistake to avoid is foregoing tutoring. All students, regardless of skill level, can benefit from tutoring services. New students are given the much-needed support to improve their proficiency in the various test areas. Even though strong students already have the knowledge and skills to sit the SAT test, tutors can take their capabilities to the next level for even higher test scores. There are always some areas that can be improved on.

  • Not using practice test results as a gauge for improvement

It is common for SAT students to take practice test after practice test but forget to analyse their results from each test. These tests serve more than one purpose and having a student learn from their mistakes is one of them. This can only be achieved by going over the practice test answers and reviewing the mistakes they have made. Another costly mistake is not using time limits when taking the practice tests. The practice tests should ideally be taken under controlled conditions similar to the actual SAT test.

  • Not having a study plan

At A-List Education, we know all too well the immense pressure placed on students, which is why we go beyond what is expected from SAT tutoring in London to help students manage the preparation process better. Students who fail to properly plan how they are to revise for the SAT test, have an increased likelihood of feeling overwhelmed by the task set before them. These students will not be able to use time advantageously. In order to be well-prepared, students will need a structure to follow, as test preparations should comprise of studying content for the different test areas, taking practice tests, and then devoting more time to those aspects that are more challenging.

The extent of SAT preparation a student undertakes has a direct bearing on the test scores achieved. These test scores often play a significant role in the student’s university application. For more information on how A-List Education can help in preparing for the SAT, give us a call today.

Common mistakes to avoid when seeking SAT Tutoring in London
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