Can’t decide between self-directed test preparation and SAT tutoring? Here’s what to consider

One thing is for certain when it comes to achieving top scores on the SAT – some type of test preparation method is vital. With the availability of a diverse array of test preparation methods used by students today, it can be an overwhelming task to decide which method to choose. Each test preparation option has its own list of pros and cons.


Self-directed courses are more budget-friendly, but a cost of sorts does apply: no professional support in the form of critical feedback on performance and progress, and no effective tips and techniques that boost success. These courses lack encouragement from a tutor who has been through the process themselves and can well understand the challenges a student goes through. Formal SAT Tutoring in London provided by A-List Education offers all of the above and more.

To help parents make a decision, we believe that it is important to consider the student and their needs when it comes to academic support.  The following questions should be considered:

  •  How well can a student manage preparing for the SAT by themselves? Are they disciplined enough?
  • Is the student motivated to succeed? Do they care about their test scores? We have found that student buy-in is a number one factor for success.
  • Does the student need to bridge any learning gaps? Private SAT Tutoring in London addresses this need directly.
  • Does the student suffer from stress or anxiety when it comes to test-taking?

 How selective is the university the student is applying to?

It is only logical for rigorous and highly selective academic institutions to apply very stringent criteria in their admissions selection process. These universities receive thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, applications and can accept only a limited number of students. A high SAT score is one of the ways students can demonstrate their critical reasoning ability and preparedness for university course work. The higher the score, the better the chance a student has of gaining admission. This is why even the slightest increase in test scores can be significant for a student’s application. SAT Tutoring in London remains the best test preparation method to raising test scores.

 Consider the true value of professional tutoring

Why do our students love working with A-List Education tutors? Students who enrol in our test preparation programmes know that the academic support they receive is provided by the top tutors in the industry.

 Our expert tutors:

  • are trained in ways to encourage and motivate students.
  • are experienced in helping students overcome their learning challenges.
  • have enjoyed success in their own higher education journeys and are able to pass on this wisdom to their students.

One of the key reasons we continue to provide the best quality test preparation services for students  is the high customer satisfaction and success our students receive. If you have a question about A-List Education’s SAT tutoring services you can speak to one of our customer representatives at any time.

Can’t decide between self-directed test preparation and SAT tutoring? Here’s what to consider
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