What to do When Placed on the “Waitlist”


As you review your US university offers, you may have been surprised to be placed on a “waitlist.” UK universities do not use this enrolment management tool so it can be somewhat confusing. Though being placed on the waitlist is not the offer of admission you had hoped for, it is good news and you still may be accepted at that school! This year, we anticipate significant movement off of waitlists. 

To increase your chances of being offered a place off the waitlist, we recommend the following:

  1. Accept your place as soon as you can! When you accept your place on the waitlist does matter. Schools want to know if you will take your place if you are offered a spot. They pay close attention to how quickly you accept as a measure of your enthusiasm for the school. 
  2. Write a letter of continued interest. This letter should provide updates about your extracurricular and academic achievements. Please also include another specific reason why the university is your first choice.  This letter should also make it clear that you will attend the university if offered a place!
  3. Asking a teacher, coach, or work experience supervisor to write a letter of support is also a great way to persuade an admissions committee that you deserve to be moved off the waitlist.  Only one is necessary!

At A-List, we want to help students secure an offer at their first-choice school. We are very happy to help you with managing waitlists and choosing the best school for you.  Please feel free to reach out to an A-List advisor for help crafting a persuasive letter of continued interest and help with the final steps of the US admissions process.


What to do When Placed on the “Waitlist”
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