A-List’s Pedagogical Approach for Student Success

At A-List, we take a holistic approach to ensure your child’s success on the SAT and ACT. We prioritise developing a creative and sustained critical reasoning skillset whilst also encouraging a growth mindset. In our introductory session, we carefully review and examine your child’s current processes to discover what learning styles they prefer, whether consciously or subconsciously. This allows us to adapt our proprietary materials to best engage and support each student.


We have developed our own trademark techniques for each section (Maths, English, Reading – and Science, for the ACT) to coach students to accurately answer the questions quickly. We aim to retrain our students’ way of thinking so they approach any question, regardless of difficulty or topic, with clear, purposeful analysis that breaks the question into manageable steps.  By ingraining such a systematic yet flexible approach, our students can efficiently answer challenging questions that deal with more difficult subject matter: this strategy can translate to 20% or more questions answered accurately on the maths section! Our tutors are graduates from leading US universities and  enhance tutoring sessions with their respective academic areas of engagement, which also helps students understand what it takes to succeed in some of the world’s most demanding academic environments. For each subject area, we train our students to thoroughly grasp the content, stretching them with material beyond past papers and drills to produce articulate, well-rounded thinkers.


We teach our students what to know but also equally importantly how to think. Too many students plough through test paper after test paper and wonder why they are not seeing improvement. We specialise in incisive, mindful reflection that enables students to understand their thought process and approach. When we review past papers, we do so in a fashion that will help students understand how to grow with every attempt: any mistakes made at this stage propel the learning process. We may spend ninety minutes dissecting five corrections from a test paper as we teach our students to re-examine their approaches and transform their automatic behaviour into something active. Our aim, ultimately, is to create students who can teach us, demonstrating true mastery over the material by leading tutoring discussions, creating and scrutinising questions, and able to articulate each step to every question. This deftness of understanding ensures that they are equipped to respond nimbly to any question an exam may present them.


For fifteen years, A-List has helped tens of thousands of students world-wide conquer their test anxieties. Our approach is methodical, mindful and empowering. Should you have any questions about how your child might benefit from A-List tuition, you can schedule a free consultation with a member of our Academic Team.


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A-List’s Pedagogical Approach for Student Success
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