Bootcamps and SAT tutoring in London

Getting a good result on the SAT is perhaps the most important thing for any student who wants to attend a US university. The SAT comprises a series of subject tests that are used to determine if a student can attend any given US university. These tests have a reputation for being very challenging, and this is ever the more true for students in the UK as they also have to contend with studying for their A-levels/IB etc. For this reason, it can be very useful for UK students (or in fact, students from anywhere in the world) to think about getting SAT tutoring in London.


SAT tutoring in London helps students by reviewing the content and teaching them the strategies so they can achieve their goal score. An SAT Bootcamp is a great and fun way to prepare.


A-List Education’s SAT Bootcamps are both highly interactive and challenging, and they are loved by our students. Our most dedicated and experienced tutors to teach these classes and ensure that the class sizes are small enough that every student can receive personal attention.

The experience that our tutors impart to our students can prove vital for the SAT. Our tutors, being graduates of US universities themselves, have firsthand knowledge of how to best prepare for the SAT.

A-List Education’s SAT Bootcamps give a student over 28 hours of engaging SAT tutoring and classroom instruction. Within these 28+ hours, we make sure to incorporate 3 real practice SAT tests, so each student can know what to expect from the actual SAT, and so that they can develop and improve their writing and studying methods for it.

Our SAT Bootcamp works! Students in our most recent bootcamp improved their scores by 166 points on average, which just goes to show how we can give them the edge they need to succeed on the SAT.

Bootcamps and SAT tutoring in London
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