The value of Summer Programmes, CV Development and SAT Tutoring in London

The idea of studying your favourite subject in the USA is an enticing prospect for many UK students. Indeed, with many prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton (to name just a few) it is understandable why so many students from across the world will dedicate so much of their time and effort towards studying for the SAT. This test is known to be rather challenging and can require many months of preparation in advance in order to achieve a good result.


Managing academic commitments can be a challenge for even the most gifted students, which is why we recommend considering SAT tutoring in London. SAT tutoring in London has many different aspects to it, all of which are designed to help students reach their maximum potential, and be confident that they can succeed on the SAT. For example, SAT tutoring in London can include things such as advice about summer programmes and CV development.

Speaking of which, A-List Education offers both summer programmes advising and CV development, as well as a whole host of other successful services to help students succeed on the SAT. Here at A-List Education, we use a data-driven approach which has been proven to significantly improve a student’s results on the SAT on average.

By providing our students with proprietary SAT test prep materials, such as weekly full-length practice tests, we are able to improve a student’s result on the SAT by 166 points on average – with this improvement increasing even further for the top 25% of students. Furthermore, we use sophisticated graded and analysis technology to provide our students with detailed progress reports, so that they can get feedback from their tutors and consistently know how to improve their scores.

Summer Programmes

In addition to our SAT tutoring, A-List Education can offer our students advice about what sort of summer programmes may help them when applying to a US university. They can also be used to help a student develop an academic interest and devote some time towards extracurricular activities.

For example, we offer an analysis of a student’s “Best Fit” over summer. This is designed to help a student understand their own academic strengths and interests, as well as their personal interests and desires so a student can know what they’re looking for in a summer programme. Furthermore, our decision-making support also gives students a better idea of what kind of summer programmes would be beneficial to them as an applicant.

CV Development

Having a developed CV that demonstrates commitments and personal passions is crucial for achieving a successful application to a US university. Being involved in student government, political organisations, sports and school newspapers are all good ways to show a US university that you have been active outside the classroom as well as within it. It is best for a student to involve themselves with activities they are really passionate about, and to that end we recommend a student meets with an A-List advisor in year 10 or 11 so they can consider their CV development.

The value of Summer Programmes, CV Development and SAT Tutoring in London
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