What is a “Good” SAT Score?

 As student prepare to apply to US universities, students often ask: 1) What is a good SAT score?  2) How do I get it?

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According to National Association for College Admissions Counselling. The SAT is a significant part of the application with 54% of colleges ranking these scores as of “considerable importance” during the review process. What is considered a “good” SAT score, however, will vary depending on the college or university to which you apply. An Ivy League university or top liberal arts college, for example, will likely seek a 1470 or higher SAT score for competitive consideration. However, there are also wonderful liberal arts colleges and universities that welcome students with scores below this benchmark. Regardless of what type of college/university you wish to attend, check the admissions websites and consult with an advisor to set goals for your SAT score. At A-List, we have a strong team of advisers who can help you determine what a good SAT score means for your first-choice school. 

Once you have a target score, you need a preparation plan. SAT practice should include careful consolidation of content, making sure you know all of the rules and equations on the test, completing timed SAT practice sections, for which you can use the free online tests provided by College Board and then full timed SAT practice tests.

Free online tests are great resources for learning and mastering the SAT’s unique format. However, if you want to target your test prep and ensure you are making progress, taking a full-length proctored test that also provides a clear breakdown of your correct and incorrect answers is the best option. A-List offers proctored practice tests: this not only gives you the experience of external timing, replicating testing conditions, but also provides you with a detailed score breakdown, clearly outlining areas of strength and those of needed improvement.

Furthermore, our Book of Knowledge provides students with a step-by-step guide to each and every rule and content needed for the SAT. Containing drills crafted to consolidate each piece of knowledge coupled with proprietary A-List techniques to help our students complete more questions with greater accuracy; this resource can help you earn the good SAT score you need.

If you would like to discuss preparing for the SAT,  please schedule a consultation with the Academic Team: we look forward to meeting you!



What is a “Good” SAT Score?
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