Preparing for the SAT is a long journey, but it has multiple benefits! At A-List, the skills our students develop as they prepare for the SAT also help them excel at university.


At A-List Education, we prioritise a growth mindset, strategy, and academic extension. Working with an academic advisor or private tutor, you will develop study, research, and exam skills, all personalised to your method of learning, that you can use during your university years.



As a standardised test, the SAT offers multiple different ways of approaching the material and questions. However, studying alone it can be tricky to decipher what is the most efficient way of reaching the correct answer! A-List Education has fifteen years of offering the highest quality tuition for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, so we work with you to share our proprietary A-List methods to untangle the fiercest maths, grammar and reading questions. However, we also incorporate long-term study skills such as the marginal gains technique, mindfulness, and positive visualisation in order to help our students earn top SAT scores. A good SAT score requires a consistent and holistic approach that will help you succeed in your future academic endeavours.



The SAT requires breadth of knowledge and lateral thinking across a swathe of topics. This is similar to the liberal arts approach at must US universities. A private tutor gives their students’ the ability to make long-term and in-the-moment strategic decisions: what questions to answer in what order, how to prioritise time, how to maximise scoring with increasingly difficult material.


Academic Extension

Our A-List Education tutors achieve the best results for our students by stretching them beyond school level material. The SAT Reading section preparation offers tremendous scope for Socratic teaching on advanced texts that facilitate a mental flexibility with literature that not only encourages a top SAT Reading score but also amply prepares our students to hold their own in their college seminars.


We also push our students to develop their own study and academic plans, which we help them craft. This type of intellectual structure, discipline, and exploration is exactly what top US universities require and allows our students to flourish once they arrive on campus.


If you are interested in SAT tutoring and academic mentorship as you prepare for a selective US university, please feel free to reach to our Academic Team for more information

A-List tutoring: get a great SAT AND prepare for university
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