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For good SAT scores and good ACT scores, you want to harness your learning style. Both SAT and ACT exam board offer accommodations for students with learning differences. Accommodations might include extra time, extra breaks, a scribe, larger font, a computer/paper-based test, or being able to sit the sections on different days.

First, you need to choose a test: SAT or ACT. No college requires both! If you are unsure of which to take, A-List UK has created a Guide To Decide for students in this very position!

Second, it is essential to begin the application process for accommodations early in your preparation plan. The deadlines for accommodation applications normally close more than two months before the test date, so you want to start the application process six months in advance.

Third, you will need to collect the required documents. For the SAT you will then want to go to the Collegeboard’s Service for Students With Disabilities (SSD) website. This lists the documents you must prepare. You will need to submit this documentation along with the application form and eligibility form. You are able to apply through your school or independently, though the former is normally easier. Once you get an approval letter, note your SSD number and be sure to use that when registering for the SAT.

With the ACT, you apply for accommodation as you register for the test. The ACT board will then email you with instructions of how to apply with your school for accommodations. Forward that email to your school along with the Information Release form.

Check the SAT and ACT websites for the most up-to-date information about what accommodations are available, particularly internationally, as you begin your academic planning.

If you want to discuss if you should or should not apply for accommodations, please feel free to reach out to our Client Services Team

Extra Time and Standardised Tests: Apply for Accommodations 
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