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A-Level revision can be stressful if you are unprepared. A-Level Maths is best approached with the mantra ‘keep up, don’t catch up!’ You should keep up with the course as it progresses so that revision is not learning from scratch.

Here is how to do this:

Organisation: Keep a clearly organised notebook in which you take extensive notes, both on what the teacher says and paraphrasing the ideas so you understand the concepts. Many Maths courses move quickly, and teachers often skip over some of the steps when working through a question. Often teachers assume students have perfect retention of GCSE Maths! Write out all the questions, solutions, and notes in class, then review this information at home. Practice working your way through the example questions to arrive at the same answer without assistance. 

Keep notes organised by topic, clearly labelled according to chapter and section. For any topics that need extra review, work through additional practice problems from the textbook. Most texts have answers to the odd-numbered questions in the appendices; make use of them! Work through odd-numbered questions to ensure that you can arrive at the correct answer without a written solution in front of you.

Tutoring: If there is a topic that you do not quite understand, consider reaching out for tutoring assistance. It is much better to address these issues early in A-Level tuition than to wait until just before an exam. Many topics in Maths build upon previous lessons, so clarifying an early lesson may help to solidify knowledge that will be required in later sections or chapters.

Past-Paper Completion and Reflection: When the exam date approaches, find as many past papers to review for your A-Level revision. Work through papers first, consult with notes to clarify any questions or uncertainties that came up, then consult the answer sheet marks to assess your performance. This will allow you to find ways to pick up missed marks.

To get yourself on your A* track for your A-Level revision, contact our Client Services Team today to connect with one of our experienced Maths tutors. 

How to Plan for A Level Maths Success
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