As summer holidays wind down, it is the ideal time to get start prepping for either the SAT or ACT. This may not sound appealing at first but earning a good SAT/ACT scores takes time. And they are critical for your US university applications.

Key Next Steps
  1. Take a diagnostic test. Contact our Client Service Team via the enquiry form below to set up your diagnostic test. Before you can improve your score, you need to know your baseline. Sit a diagnostic early, preferably in the August before or autumn of Year 12. This gives you plenty of time to work on your standardised test preparation to maximise your score
  2. Review your diagnostic. Our Academic Team is offering free 30-minute consultations to discuss diagnostic tests and talk about the best next steps for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to an expert – for free!
  3. Start your preparation early. The journey to good ACT/SAT scores is a marathon, not a sprint. Make time in your weekly schedule for at least 1-2hrs of ACT/SAT work per week.
  4. Consider private tutoring: the most efficient way to earn ACT/SAT score improvement is by working with an expert private tutor. A-List has over 15 years of experience guiding students to increase their scores by hundreds of points.
  5. Plan your practice tests: a private tutor will schedule this for you but make sure to sit at least 2 or 3 full-timed practice tests before your first official exam. It is crucial you build up the necessary stamina to succeed on the actual day!
  6. Schedule multiple test sittings. No one gets the score they want on the first try! Make sure you register (early!) for at least two, preferably three, test sittings that s give you plenty of time to evaluate your scores before application deadlines.

The ACT/SAT testing journey can be long – but you don’t have to do it alone! Complete our enquiry form below and our Client Service Team will connect you with an expert tutor for support.

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 Starting Year 12? Start Prepping for the SAT or ACT
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