Many US universities send out their early-round decisions in December. This is an exciting time. Many of you will be accepted to their first-choice school and some may be denied. However, a portion of early applicants will be deferred to the regular decision pool. Though this may be initially disappointing, being deferred is a positive outcome.

Being deferred to the regular admissions pool does require students to remain enthusiastic about their first-choice school. Communicating this enthusiasm to the admissions committee is the best way to get accepted into the regular decision pool! To do this, students must write a Letter of Continued Interest.

This letter should do the following:

Update the school on any academic or extracurricular achievements. Though you only submitted your application a few months ago, it is still important to inform the school about successful and notable academic successes and how you have continued to pursue your passions outside of the classroom.

Research and a clearly articulate another reason the university is your first choice. This can be difficult after crafting detailed and specific supplemental essays. However, it is a critical step to demonstrating you are a good fit for a particular school—a key component of the US unis admissions review process.

Declare that you will accept an offer if you receive one! This may seem obvious, but selective US unis know you are pursuing multiple options. However, they want to know that you will commit to them if given the opportunity.

Send this letter in early January. Of course, you want to take a break over the winter holiday and regroup. However, it is still important to send this letter promptly. This is one way a school assesses your enthusiasm.

If you have any questions about drafting a letter of continued interest or any other aspect of the US university admissions process, please complete the below enquiry form and a consultant will be in touch shortly.

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Letters of Continued Interest: What to Write
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