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How to Succeed at a US Uni

At A-List UK, we are delighted to help students get accepted to selective US unis. However, we also appreciate that adjusting to university-level course work as

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The Common App: Overview

The Common Application, which is accepted by more than 900 schools, including some colleges located outside the U.S., helps streamline one essential part of the admissions

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Tips to Improve Your ACT Score!

Good ACT scores require high individual section scores to produce a strong composite: achieving this requires comprehensive content knowledge, particularly English grammar, effective use of

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Mental Fitness and the ACT

The ACT requires mental dexterity and stamina. The exam asks students to apply comprehensive content knowledge over the long three and a half hours of the test. To earn a good ACT score, students are only allowed small margins

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SAT Writing & Language: Ace Expression of Ideas

The entire SAT Verbal section challenges students. However, students often find the Expression of Ideas section the most difficult. Unlike the Conventions of Usage, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation questions, which cover grammatical rules and have 3 distinct incorrect answer choices, Expression of Ideas answers are often allgrammatically correct.

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Contacting US Unis: Top Tips

The US university admissions process requires completing an application, writing numerous essays, and succeeding on standardised tests! These are the explicit requirements. However, savvy students

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American Style Unis Abroad!

At A-List Education, we provide expert advice on all aspects of American university admissions. However, we also provide expert advice about selective American style university

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