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Harvard and Caltech announce reinstatement of SAT/ACT score for admission

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In a pivotal update for prospective university applicants, both Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have announced the reinstatement of SAT/ACT testing requirements for the 2025 admission cycle.

This decision places these prestigious institutions alongside other Ivy League schools such as Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown, which similarly restored these requirements earlier this year, and other top universities like Georgetown and MIT, which did this in 2022.

Harvard's policy shift is supported by a recent study conducted by Harvard Professors Raj Chetty, David J. Deming, and John N. Friedman. Their research conclusively found "SAT/ACT scores and academic credentials [as] highly predictive of post-college success". This underscores the importance of these tests in the college admission process, indicating that they provide a valuable metric for assessing student potential.

Similarly, Caltech, known for its rigorous focus on science and engineering, reinstated these testing requirements to enhance the fairness and effectiveness of its admissions process, ensuring that all applicants are evaluated on a comprehensive set of criteria that predict academic success.

For students aiming to secure a place at these or similar high-caliber institutions, achieving competitive scores — at least 1550 on the SAT or 34 on the ACT — is crucial. These high benchmarks leave a very narrow margin for error and highlight the necessity for thorough preparation and strategic approach.

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