Want to Ace the SAT? Join A-List Education’s Bootcamp

Even the brightest of students can find revision a tedious process. When planning a revision timetable, it is easy to become overwhelmed or to feel unsure about which areas to revise in.

SAT Tutoring in London

If you are a student looking to gain acceptance to a US university, you may find revising for the SAT a difficult process on your own. As the format and overall scoring of the SAT is different to other tests you may have taken, you will probably find yourself feeling frustrated and confused with the entire process.

Luckily, A-List Education has devised the perfect solution, a SAT Bootcamp, providing personalised SAT tutoring in London.

Reasons to attend our Bootcamp

If you are the kind of student who finds revising from a textbook hard or tedious and require a more group-based approach to SAT tutoring in London, our Bootcamp is the right place for you.

Professional tutors

A-List’s SAT tutoring in London is made up of professional tutors who hail from top US universities. They have all undergone the vigorous process of sitting the SAT and can provide insight on which materials to use to revise and to prepare students mentally.

Engaging environment

If in the past you have found revision techniques like study groups helpful, then you are more likely to benefit from our Bootcamp, as it uses a similar technique based on interaction between peers.

We aim to cover all the key areas that will arise in the SAT tests and do so in a fun and engaging manner. Although, if you are the type of student who also thrives on more one-to-one attention, we can offer that too. Our small classroom sizes are perfect for students who thrive in smaller groups. These smaller class sizes aim to boost students’ confidence through prolonged and in-depth interactions with the tutor.

Learning materials and practice SAT tests

While it may be possible to gather some of the required information surrounding the SAT from the internet, the tutors in our Bootcamps have devised the best learning materials available, in the form of books and activities. This is to ensure that all the students attending the Bootcamp learn in a more constructive way, while also having access to materials easy to comprehend.

A-List Education knows that the best way to retain information is to undertake a test and at our Bootcamps. As such, we offer our students two to three real SAT practice tests over a 5 to 7 day period. Each test is sat as a real SAT test would be, with a proctor and a timer. The aim of these tests is to prepare students for the real SAT and to make them feel more comfortable in the exam setting.

Want to know more about our SAT Bootcamp? Contact A-List Education today for more information.

Want to Ace the SAT? Join A-List Education’s Bootcamp
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